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The First Marathon

Beijing Olympics are over now, here is a short story for young kids about the first Marathon from the British Council!

The Marathon is a race of 42,195 metres, and the men’s Marathon is traditionally the last event of the Olympics. The men’s Marathon has been in the Olympics since 1896, and the women’s Marathon was first in the Olympics in 1984. But this race was first run nearly 2,500 years ago. Do you know the story of the first Marathon? Read and listen to this story and find out.

More stories and activities about Olympic Games from the British Council

The first Olympic Games were held more than 2,700 years ago in Olympia in Greece. The first modern Olympic Games were held in 1894 in Athens, in Greece. They happen every four years in different countries. This year the Olympic Games are in Beijing in China, and they begin on August 8th and end on August 24th.

And some short stories about Ancient Greece from BBC Schools

In ancient Greece the Olympic games were held in honour of Zeus, King of the Gods. The games were part of a great five day festival held every four years at Olympia, a valley near a city called Elis.

It was an opportunity for individual cities to get together and people came in large numbers from all over the Greek world.


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