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International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Since this month we have a bit of a math theme here are some nice reading to celebrate women in math!


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Valentine’s Craft Day…

…at Natural Math – ages ❤ and up


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Buying Turkeys

A man bought a number of turkeys at a cost of $60.00, and after reserving fifteen of the birds he sold the remainder for $54.00, thus gaining 10¢ a head by these.
How many turkeys did he buy?

536 Puzzles and Curious Problems by Henry Ernest Dudeney

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Shopping Spree

Timothy spent all his money in five stores.
In each store, he spent $1 more than half of what he had when he came in.
How much did Timothy have when he entered the first store?

100 Numerical Games by Pierre Berloquin

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10 Bags of Coins

Ten bags are full of coins. All the coins look the same, but those in one of the bags weight 1 gram less than those in the other nine bags. You have a scale like the one shown in the picture, but are permitted to make only one weighing. Any number of bags will fit on either side of the scales.

How do you find out which bag contains the lighter coins?

It’s the Friday Puzzle!
Ten Bags of Gold
Weighty Problems

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The Nine Coins Puzzle

Suppose you have nine identical coins that all look alike. You also know that all coins are identical in weight except for one, which is lighter than the others, the counterfeit. The difference is only perceptible by using a special balance, but only the coins themselves can be weighed, and it can only be used twice in total.

Can you find the counterfeit coin with only two weighings?


Balance puzzle
Weighing 9 Balls

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Fractals, Googols, and Other Mathematical Tales

by Theoni Pappas

Fractals, Googols, and Other Mathematical Tales by Theoni Pappas

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Sneak Preview

Would it be less expensive for you to take a friend to the movies three times, or three friends one time?

Fractals, Googols, and Other Mathematical Tales by Theoni Pappas

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The Snail Puzzle

A snail is climbing up a slippery 30 inch wall. It climbs 5 inches a minute, but then slides back 4 inches. How many minutes will it take to reach the top of the wall?

Fractals, Googols, and Other Mathematical Tales by Theoni Pappas

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The Lightest Pearl

A merchant of Benares, in India, had in his possession eight pearls identical in shape, size, and color. Of these eight pearls, seven were the same weight, while the eighth weighed slightly less than the others. How could the merchant discover which pearl was lighter, using a scale but making only two weighings and not using any weights?

From THE MAN WHO COUNTED by Malba Tahan
Download: .pdf

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