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The Man In The Moon

The man in the moon
Came down too soon
To inquire the way to Norwich;
The man in the South
He burnt his mouth
With eating cold plum porridge.


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Plum Pudding for Christmas

From the sweet book by Virgina Kahl

“All right,” said the King, “I guess I can come,
If you serve a pudding – and that pudding is plum.
Plums that are purple, plums in a clump,
So that each bumpy limp is a plum that is plump.”

“Oh, fine,” said the Dutchess. “He says he can come
If we serve a pudding – and that pudding is plum.
A plum pudding’s easy – it’s nothing to bake it,
So let’s start at once, and we’ll all help you make it.

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