Margaret Mee and the Moonflower

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Brazilian documentary film directed by Malu De Martino, about the work and legacy of British botanical artist who moved to Brazil in the 1950s, produced over 400 illustrations about Brazilian flora and, used her art as a tool to defend the environmentalism.

Margaret Mee and the moonflower

The moonflower blooms just once, for a few hours, by night, in remote areas of the Amazon. It took Margaret Mee twenty years to find one and paint it. Her next task: to save the forest that gives it life.



Margaret Mee – in pursuit of the moonflower cactus

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Margaret Mee and the Moonflower is a documentary that depicts the period the botanical illustrator spent in Brazil. She lived in Brazil for 36 years and was involved in 15 expeditions to the Amazon Forest. Margaret has left behind an important and valuable artistic heritage. Her illustrations are, up to this date, a valuable resource for botanical science research and her technique gave her recognition as one of the most important illustrators in Europe. She has international recognition and her art are part of important collections in the United States, England, France and Brazil.

Margaret was an unique artist who consecrated floral art. She died in England in a car accident in 1988; but in that same year she turned 79 while on the riverbanks of the Black River, when she finally was able to draw the Moon Flower (Strophocactus Wittii or Selenicereus Witti). This flower is an Amazon native cactus that only flowers for one night. This extremely rare species grows at the highest part of the trees and is only visible between the May and June during the Amazon River floods.

Filmed in London, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and the Amazon Forest between 2010 and 2011, Margaret Mee and the Moon Flower includes interviews of important researches such Carmem Fidalgo, botanist artist, Sir Ghillean Prance and Simon Mayo, both English botanists; Tony Morrison, a personal friend and writer; and Sylvia Brautigam, Margaret Mee’s art curator.


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