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New Biography Celebrates E.B. White, Who Really Was ‘Some Writer!’


Of all the places on land and sea,
Philadelphia’s zoo is the place for me.
There’s plenty to eat and a lot to do,
There’s a Frigate Bird and a tiny Shrew;
There’s a Vesper Rat and a Two-toed Sloth,
And it’s fair to say that I like them both.

There’s a Canada Goose and a Polar Bear
And things that come from Everywhere.
There are lots of things that you’ve never seen
Like the Kinkajou and the Wolverine.
You really have to go to the zoo
To see a newborn Wallaroo
Or a Fallow Deer or a White-tailed Gnu.
There are wondrous birds on a beautiful lake,
There’s a Timber Wolf and a Hognose Snake.
There are animals with great appeal,
Like the Hummingbird and the Harbor Seal.
There are pony rides, there are birds of prey,
And something happening every day.
There are Wolves and Foxes, Hawks and Owls,
And a great big pit where the Lion prowls.
There are quiet pools and pleasant cages,
Where Reptiles lie and the Tiger rages.
The houses are clean, the keepers are kind,
And one Baboon has a pink behind.
The entire aim of a well-kept zoo
Is to bring the animal world to You.
(signed) Sam Beaver


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