Caught in the Rain

April 3, 2017 at 8:25 pm Leave a comment


This is a great 19th century variation on river crossing puzzles.

A Preacher, Deacon and Janitor have to get home from Church with their wives. The only umbrella is only large enough for two.


The Preacher says “we must get home
Though it rains so hard,
And the manner must be clearly shown
That our feelings may not be marred!”

The Janitor could find umbrellas but one,
By hunting high and low,
Get them all home with this must be done,
One and two at a time they must go.

“It would never do for the Preacher’s Wife
To be visiting with the Deacon alone.
The same may be said of the others two,
For each man must have his own”.

No Brother can have two Sisters at once,
For that would create a big row.
They all get home in harmony too,
And it’s for you to show just how.

In this you’re puzzled and puzzled again,
But if witty you’ll get it at last,
For they all get home through mud and rain,
Without getting wet as they passed.


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