The Night before Christmas

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  1. “Christmas Vacation,” by Truman Capote, 1935
  2. “Christmas was only a few days away, and old Mrs. Busybody stood gazing at the window looking at several young boys and girls smoking cigarettes.”

  3. “Christmas Stories,” by Kelly Luce, 2008
  4. ”The Christmas of the big tree was also the Christmas that Dot tried to overdose on vitamins.”

  5. “A Christmas Story,” by Mary Jo Salter, 1997
  6. “All dressed up in the back / of taxi stopped at a traffic / light on Central Park West…”

  7. “Thalassa-Christmas Story,” by S. Adam, 1948
  8. “It was Christmas Eve, 1939. Carrying his knapsack, and all ready for the transport, Ian opened the barrack door and went out into the yard.”

  9. “A Christmas Story,” by Charles Stubblefield, 1985
  10. “Charles descended from the streetcar with the heavy suitcase, then turned back to take the shopping bag from Mama and give her a hand down from the high step.”

  11. “Darling: A Christmas Story,” 1883
  12. “Go along with you, good for nothin’ thing!”

  13. “Bethlehem: A Christmas Story,” by Edwin JF D’Souza, 2010
  14. “I am a creative writer.”

  15. “Christmas Story,” by Alexander Rose, 1999
  16. “It was the morning of Christmas Eve.”

  17. “A Christmas Story from the West,” by Dick Randall, 1957
  18. “The old-time cowboy was for the nester.”

  19. “The Night Before Christmas,” by Clement Clarke Moore, illustrated by John Dallas, 1859
  20. “T’was the night before Christmas, when, all through the house, / Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”

The Night Before Christmas (1905)

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