Adama Ve Shamayim

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Melita Silberstein and Isaac Zones

Tu B’Shvat – A Handbook for The New Year of the Tree

Adama V’Shamayim, Chom Ha’Esh,
Tzlil Hama’Im Ani Margish
Zot B’Gufi, B’Ruchi, B’Nishmati

Love the earth, love the sky.
Heat of fire, rush of water.
I can feel it in my body, in my spirit, in my soul

אֲ דָ מָ ה ושָ ׁמַ יִם חֹום הַ אֵ ש
צְ לִ יל הַ ּמַ יִם
אֲ נִ י מַ רְ ּגִ יׁש זֹאת ּבְ גּופִ י
ּבְ רּוחִ י, ּבְ נִ שְ ׁמָ תִ י

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