I want to be an architect

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Book: “I want to be an architect” by Alberto Campo Baeza

Construir sueños
Para los niños que sueñan y
luego quieren construir esos sueños
cuando son mayores.
Alberto Campo Baeza, arquitecto

From Amag! The Architecture Magazine for Children, an absolutely amazing magazine!

“UP AND DOWN STAIRS” foreword of the book
“I want to be an architect, (Dreams builder).”

Dear children:

Architecture is like going up and down stairs.

Have you ever climbed the stairs taking two steps at a time? Sure. I also go up two steps at a time, even on the Metro escalators.

Have you ever come down the stairs two steps at a time? Of course not. Not only impossible, it is also very very dangerous. It never occurred to me to do it, not even as a joke.

In architecture it’s just the same.

You can climb the stairs two by two. You can study intensively and learn many things in much less time. By working and studying hard, you can finish a degree in Architecture in the 5 years as planned.

You can’t go down the stairs two steps at a time, nor do you have to. You needn’t make plans or build projects with such haste. You have to work twice as hard, at least, and take twice as long to plan and build something that will be for life. It must be done quickly but calmly, like honey being poured out of a jar. Slowly and accurately, as an old Spanish saying goes, doing it well is more important than doing it at all.

Do you see now that architecture is like going up and down stairs? Life is also like this.

With love,
January 2013


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