PLAY: Haft Sang

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Haft Sang: An Arabian game that means “seven stones.”
Haft Sang


  • four to twelve players divided equally into two teams
  • 7 stones (2-3 inches across)
  • a tennis ball or a ball about that size


  • The players from one team put the stones in a pile.
  • Players from both teams stand scattered from 4-6 feet away from the stones.
  • The players from team two each take a turn trying to knock over the pile of stones with the ball.
  • If someone from team two hits the stones and scatters them, a team one player must attempt to pile them up again. A team two player tries to stop this by throwing the ball at any team one player (the one who is piling up the stones or any other player in the game–particularly those blocking the piler). Once a player is hit with the ball, he or she is out.
  • If the player piling the stones is hit, another takes his or her place.
  • If a player from team one succeeds in piling the stones before all of his or her teammates are tagged out, the team gains a point.
  • The first round ends when team one has succeeded in piling up the stones or all the players are tagged out by the ball.
  • Then team two piles the stones, and team one tries to knock them over. Once the stones are scattered, a player from team two tries to repile them while team one tries to tag out the team two player by hitting them with the ball.
  • There is no specific end to the game. The players usually decide the number of points that will mean a team has won.

Sidewalk Games Around The World
Sidewalk Games Around The World

by Arlene Erlbach

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