La víbora de la mar

May 5, 2010 at 10:43 pm Leave a comment

A la víbora, víbora
de la mar, de la mar
por aquí pueden pasar
Los de adelante corren mucho
y los de atrás se quedarán
tras, tras, tras, tras.

Una Mexicana que fruta vendía
ciruela, chabacano, melón y sandía.
Será melón, será sandía
será la vieja del otro día
dia, dia, día, día

El puente esta quebrado
que lo manden componer
Con cascaras de huevo
y pedazos de oropel
pel, pel, pel, pel

.en translation
The snake, the snake
Of the sea, of the sea
All of you can pass through here
Those up front run quickly
Those at back are left behind
‘hind, ‘hind, ‘hind, ‘hind

An old Mexican lady, that sold many fruits
Plums, apricots, cantaloupes and watermelons
Is it cantaloupe? Is it watermelon?
Is it the old lady we saw the other day?
Day, day, day, day!

The bridge is broken
Someone send to have it fixed
With broken bits of eggshell
And pieces of aluminum foil
Foil, foil, foil, foil



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